Where to enjoy Peony Pavilion of Kunqu in Shanghai


Shanghai Hua Ya Tang (Huayatang, 花雅堂) is a Best Website for appreciating Kunqu Opera namedPeony Pavilion in Shanghai. Situated on Maoming Beilu No. 65, Hua Ya Tang owns an Aged Design of Making in Jingan Area in downtown Shanghai. The Primary hall is named Hua Ya Tang(Flower-Elegance Hall). Pursuing the Especially Traditional and delicate charm of Kunqu, this is a Substantial-Degree System for sociality and commerce-oriented Social Intake in Shanghai. The most prominent and Major actor is Zhang Jun, who is a Well-known Youthful Kunqu performer. He is crowned to be The Kunqu Prince of China and belongs to the Point out 1st-Percentage actor and also is the winner of Plum Award, the Best award of China's drama Efficiency. He is Professional in Xiao Sheng(小生) of Kunqu. The Efficiency Period is 30 Mins, and ticket Value is 288 Yuan(Which include wine and buffet dinner). The ticket Value is not Versatile, and the charter Value can be talked. The Efficiency Website is Hua Ya Tang located on Maoming Bailu No.65, which is Close to to Yanan

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