Tianjin Peking Opera Theater


The Tianjin Peking Opera Theater was founded in August 1995. More than l00 plays of its repertoire are staged Regularly and 26 of them have won Many different Nation wide prizes Such as the trilogy Defending the Nation, Going to the Elegant Tomb and Twice Entering the Palace, Forest of Wild Boar, Dragon and Phoenix Presenting Happiness, Silang Going to His Mom, Lady Qin Xianglian, Sanniang Training Her Boy, 18 Arhats Getting the Eagle, Generals of Yang Family members, Wu Zixu, The Miser, A Red-colored Horse, Yu Tangchun, Changban Po. Hanjin Kou , Phoenix Returning to Nest, Combat for Jizhou, Eagle with Golden Wings and Execution of the Judge.

The theater toured the DPR Korea, Mexico, Argentina, New Zealand and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. It Triggered a Terrific sensation with its 1st Check out to Taiwan Area in July 1997 and was praised as a troupe with a superb cast and a cross-century Mixture of performers. It Accomplished An additional Terrific Achievement Throughout its Next tour to Taiwan and was praised as troupe with a galaxy of Star performers.

The Theater consists of the No.1, 2 and the Experimental troupes with Various star performers Actively playing all Sorts of roles in Equally civil and mCraftial Craft plays. Amid its performers are Well-known veteran Craftists This kind of as Yang Baosen, Li Huiliang, Zhang Shilin, Zhou Xiaotian, Ding Zhiyun, Yang Ronghuan, Hang Zihe, Zhou Zihou and Yang Baozhong. Altogether there are 7 Craftists in the Theater who have been awarded with the Mei Lanfang Golden Award and Plum Blossom Award.

At Existing, the Theater has 62 1st and Next grade playwrights, performers and musicians. Amid them are Yang Naipeng, Li Li, Deng Muwei, Zhang Xuemin and Wang Ping of the No.1 Troupe and Li Jinwen, Kang Wansheng and Zhang Youlin of the No.2 Troupe.

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