The Yellow Storm (Drama): Conservative but Powerful

After touring 10 cities in China with record box office achievement, stage production Sishitongtang (The Yellow Storm), the adaptation of famed writer Lao She's novel, Four Generations under One Roof, will come back to the story's location Beijing from January 13-28 2011 in Tianqiao Theater.

"Lao She was born and grew up here. The story happened here. Therefore, I think the response of Beijing audiences to the play is an important test, which is why we will perform here after touring so many places. I hope it makes a good mark in Beijing, better than in other cities," said Tian Qinxin, the play's director, busy putting final touches to the work for Beijing theatergoers.
The novel is a trilogy about four generations of the Qi family and the daily lives of ordinary people in Beijing's traditional hutongs during the Japanese Occupation in the 1930s.
Regarded as one of the best classic novels of modern Chinese literature, Lao's vivid portrayal has an authentic Beijing flavor with diverse characters rendered in his distinctive language and style.

This is the first time the novel is being put up as a stage performance. In Tian's view, the most difficult part is to adapt the original 850,000-word lengthy novel into a 30,000-word drama script and retain the novel's spirit.

"Our emphasis is how Beijingers made a living during those eight years, people's relationship and aspects of human nature. It is an epic narrative of common people, not the war. That's what I think is the spirit of the original novel," said Tian.

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