The Chinese style cocktail


The Chinese style cocktail is made up of traditional Daqu liquor (a kind of liquor with high alcohol content) and nutritious fruit juice, which keeps not only the savory and mellow aroma of the Daqu liquor but also the nutrition and flavor of fruit juice. Besides, it is easy and simple for people to make the cocktail according to their own requirements and tastes.

Here is the how-to for some Chinese style cocktails.

Crystal Cocktail

Take 60ml orange juice and pour it into a big cup with a capacity of 750g; add in 10ml dry wine or semi-dry wine; when the two are well-mixed, add in another 90ml liquor with thick fragrance and 1% baking soda water to fill the cup to 500ml. leave the mixture alone for all ingredients to be well-combined before drinking.

With alcoholic strength of 12°, the crystal cocktail is colorless (or light yellow) and transparent with luster. It tastes soft and is less filling but with refreshing feeling. Therefore, it is suited for those three-bottle in favor of high alcohol contents.

Hongniangzi Cocktail

Materials: 15g lotus white spirit, 15g rice wine, 15g sugar grenadine juice (other red fruit juices are ok if there is no grenadine juice), one egg white and 14 fresh lemons (expressed juice).

How-to: put several crushed ice blocks in the cocktail glass and pour in wine, grenadine juice, egg white and fresh lemon juice. Shake the cocktail glass until foams emerge from the liquor and then filter the foam into the cup.

With sweet fragrance and bright and fresh color, the cocktail is the ideal daily beverage for women throughout the year.

Orchid Cocktail

Materials: 60g wu-chia-pee liquor, 180g tomato juice, a pinch of salt and a slice of fresh orange.

How-to: pour the liquor into the drinking cup with moderate number of ice blocks; then pour in the tomato juice with some salt; squeeze the expressed juice of the fresh orange and mix the liquor well with spoon before drinking.

Such cocktail is an ideal choice for men in summer with fresh and red color and sweet fragrance of liquor. It is a great aid to digestion and can get up one’s appetite before taking meals.

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