Tea Gifts in Marriage Custom

Tea Reward, or “Tea Silver”, is a sort of betrothal Rewards. In the Tang Dynasty, tea was an indispensable Reward in Relationship. It has been More than 1300 Many years Given that Princess Wencheng brought tea into Tibet in Collection with to the Han Grace. Tea was evolved from a trousseau Reward into a Reward Ready for a Guy’s Suggestion of Relationship in the Tune Dynasty. In the Yuan and Ming Dynasties, “Tea Reward” Nearly stood for Relationship, with a maid’s acceptance of tea Reward Becoming Regarded as “Consume Tea”. This kind of Idea was retained in the Qing Dynasty, when the saying “A Very good maid will not accept tea Rewards from two Households” was prevailing.

These days, it is Nevertheless prevailing in Guyy regions in China to refer to engagement and Relationship respectively as “Accept Tea” and “Consume Tea”, and earnest Capital for engagement and betrothal Reward respectively as “Tea Money” and “Tea Gift”. The Custom made of Getting tea as a Reward in a Wedding party is also prevalent in Guyy ethnic minorities. Tea is Introduced as a Reward in the Mongolian ethnic Set on the Celebration of engagement and matchmaking to Communicate preciousness of Adore. It is also Introduced to a maid’s Family members as a Reward for engagement in Hui, Man and Kazakh ethnic minorities. The engagement is Named “Engagement
Tea” and “Consume Wedding Tea” by the Hui Persons, and “Send out Fantastic Tea” by the Manchu minority. In bride fetching or Wedding party ceremonies, tea Reward is Generally Employed to brew “Nuptial Cup Tea” and “Combining Tea” for the bride and bridegroom, or “Many thanks Providing Tea” and “Relative Recognizing Tea” for their Mom and dad and elders.

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