Suzhou Kunqu Opera Troupe


The Suzhou Kunqu Opera Troupe of Jiangsu is the successor of the Su and Kunqu Opera Troupe. Established in 1956, it performed both Kunqu Opera and Su Opera. Over the past few decades, it has been active in Shanghai and east China's Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. In 2001, the troupe expanded and was renamed the Suzhou Kunqu Opera Troupe of Jiangsu.

The company has supported four generations of Kunqu Opera performers, numbering over a hundred. Some of the performers are known all over China. The availability of both old and young performers has made it possible to develop this classical art form.

After years of practical stage experience, they have honed a unique style, which is consistent with their philosophy to maintain the original Kunqu Opera flavor. It can be clearly seen in the singing, acting, stage props, stage design and so on. The troupe boasts several repertoires, with The Peony Pavilion the most famous. It has toured successfully in Italy, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong , and has garnered more than twenty awards.

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