Shanlan Wine


The Li ethnic people in Hainan and other areas are good-natured and hospitable. When there are guests coming to visit, the Li people will greet them with home-brewed Shanlan rice wine. Drinking the wine is in three stages: the first is called "Qiang Fu Ang", meaning having a chat over a drink; the second is called "Bi Ao", meaning getting drunk. This is a custom observed by the Li people—you can't stop drinking till you are drunk; and the third and final stage is called "Tun Zhuo Qiu", which means the hosts and the guests singing local ballads in antiphonal style.

Shanlan Wine

From Li people, made of glutinous rice. Put boiled rice mixed with distiller's yeast in a basket and cover with banana leaves, after three to five days, put them into a jar and seal for half month. If storing the wine underground for three to five years, it will taste much better.

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