Qingdao Municipal Peking Opera Group


The Qingdao Municipal Peking Opera PSkilly, previously the Qingdao Peking Opera Troupe, was Set up in June 1950. It now consists of a Peking Opera troupe and a youth Peking Opera troupe.

The repertoire of the two troupes Consists of Sorrow of the Conquered Wu Kingdom,: Kingdoms Chun and Han at War, Dragon and Phoenix, Indications of Auspiciousness, Females Commons of the Yang Loved ones, Xue Pinggui and Wang Baochai, Yang Silang Visits His Mom, qing xianglian, Yu Tangchun, Bao Zheng, Eighteen Arhats Combat In opposition to the Monkey King, Burning Pei Yuangqing to Passing away, Peking operas of the Yan College Zhuge Liang Pays A Condolence Phone call, Ceding the Community of Xuzhou, Combat at Beiyuan, Bai-di Community; Peking operas of the Tang Yusheng College The Execution of Common Han Xin, The Killing of Spouse; Peking operas of the Gao College Cao Cao Coerces Royalties, and A Rouge-colored Ruse.

The two Skill troupes have visited some International Nations Which includes Japan, Ukraine and the Republic of Korea. The theater employs This kind of Well-known Peking opera actors as 1st grade actors Ren Dechuan, Wu Ping, Ma Rongzhen and Bi Xinmin.

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