North Kunqu Opera Theater

The North Kunqu Opera Theater was Set up in June 1957. More than the Many years, a Bufftastic Amount of Conventional and Current operas have been inherited, collected, adapted and rewritten, This kind of as Peony Pavilion, Tale of West Chamber, Tale of Pipa, Palace of Longevity, Peach-blossom Buff, Tale of Hairpin of Bramble, Getting together with with a Sword, Escape Below the Include of Evening, To Marry Away a More youthful Sister, the Gate of the Mountain, The Incorrect Execution of Dou'e, Dou'e Defending Herself, Executing Woman, Monkey Helps make Havoc of Heaven, Wang Zhaojun Married Off to the King of Hun, Lu Bu Lab tests Horses, The Location of the Huge Dipper, Stealing Treasury, Bai Hua Presenting the sword, Capturing Alive, Longing for a Worldly Existence, The Few Straight down the Hill, Cursive Edict, Dinner Celebration", Wen Cheng Princess, Li Humang, Qing Wen, And many others.

Given that 1980, fifteen Performs have won prizes, of Generation and Efficiency. Tale of Pipa won the 7th Wenhua New Plan Prize issued by the Ministry of Heritage in 1995. Many Performers have visited Japan, Finland, Russia, Sweden, Italy, Denmark and Hong Kong, Taiwan regions and have won Large praise.

The Theater possesses a Party of Very first grade actors, Such as Hou Shaokun, Cai Yaoxian, Zhou Wanjiang, Dong Yaoqin, Ma Yusen, Zhang Dunyi, Zhang Yuwen, Yang Fengyi; Very first grade performer Wang Dayuan and Very first grade playwright Wang Baogen. Much more than twenty Performers have been awarded prize of Fane Efficiency and Unique Prize, more than fifty have won prizes of Efficiency. Among the them, Hou Shaokui, Cai Yaoxian, Yang Fengyi, Liu Jing and Wang Zhenyi won the Plum-blossom Prizes of Nationwide Drama Rivalry.

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