Monglian Milk Tea

Tea also holds an Significant Location in the Mongolian People toDay time's Day-to-Day time Lifestyle, Specifically nutritious and sustaining milk tea. The Mongolians Generally Put together milk tea Earlier in the morning, and Maintain warming it up More than
a Little fire all Day time.

To make Mongolian milk tea, Primary boil crushed brick tea in Drinking water in an Metal pot or kettle. Following the Fluid turns reddish brown (in about 10 Mins), boiled cow's or sheep's milk, along with a Tiny salt, is Additional. Stir the brew Properly, and the Outcome is a Warm, heartily-flavored beverage. The Mongnolians are Properly Recognised for their hospitality. When a guest arrives are Properly Recognised for their hospitality. When a guest arrives at the yurt of a Mongolian Loved ones, the host will Primary Existing him, Utilizing Equally Arms, with a Big plate of dOxygeny Products and solutions, This kind of as cheese, milk curd and butter. Then milk tea will be served, which the guest Really should accept with Equally Arms. He Really should then Proceed the tea to his left hand, dip the Suggestion of the 3rd finger of his Best in the tea, toss it up in the Oxygen, and lick the fingerSuggestion. This is meant to
Display his gratitude for the host's hospitality. Milk tea is an indispensable Component of the Mongolian's Day-to-Day time Lifestyle.

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