Ming Hua Yuan Arts & Cultural Group

Established since 1929, with 80 years of history in developing Ge Zai Xi (Taiwanese Opera) into a household name, not only does Ming Hwa Yuan represent the best of Taiwan’s creative cultural asset. Ming Hwa Yuan has also introduced, with great success, this art form to other parts of the world to the delight and surprise of these global audiences. A highlight in the field of performing arts, Ming Hwa Yuan boost 3 generations of immediate and extended family members who are directly involved in the production and performances.

Ming Hwa Yuan has expanded the envelope of Taiwan’s locally developed and honed theatre art form- Ge Zai Xi to new horizon. It is now a culmination of folk-arts, drama, poetry, music, dance, acrobatics, visual arts, movie, modern theatre technique and sometimes even the effect of Black Light Theatre and flying trapeze are employed. Stunning and colourful visual, rich musical scores and lighting effects, familiar gestures and body languages, all these translate to passionate and optimistic energy that are part and parcel of Ming Hwa Yuan performances, encapsulating the multitude of artistic imagination of Taiwanese people.

Just like the versatility, resilient and liveliness nature of the Taiwanese people. Whether it is performed indoor or outdoor, historical or contemporary setting, hand painted background or hi-tech audio lighting, in a display of endless energy in creativity, Ming Hwa Yuan always realizes the fullest potential of the performance under any given staging environment.

Under the guidance of Group Leader, Mr. Cheng Sheng-Fu, Ming Hwa Yuan is always on the look out to expand the artistic boundary. Of Taiwan’s 23million population, 12million are aware of Ming Hwa Yuan and at least 6 million had seen one of Ming Hwa Yuan’s performances. Any vacant space can be converted into a performance stage by Ming Hwa Yuan, venues that range from urban to rural settings, schools, islands, hospital, and even inside prison compound. From the aged to youngster, pillars of society of today and tomorrow, all age group are captivated by Ming Hwa Yuan’s performances. This allowed Ming Hwa Yuan to set a new record for largest audiences of 100,000 in a single outdoor performance.


Just like having a magical flute in the Pied Piper, Ming Hwa Yuan become Taiwan’s premier performance art group with the widest range of audience that span the demographic group and geographical coverage. This is no magic at work but the tremendous effort in carrying out the guiding principles of Ming Hwa Yuan, “Bring more performances to more audience”. Staged at various venues across Taiwan and with each performance, Ming Hwa Yuan increasingly break down language barriers, allowing audiences from different colloquial dialect like Hakka, Taiwanese, Mandarin, even foreign languages like English speaking audience. Regardless of their mother tongue, after seeing the performance by Ming Hwa Yuan, they all fell in love with the charm of Ge Zai Xi.

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