Milk Tea of the Uygurs

Ethnic minorities in some Locations Adore Consuming tea Really Very much, Concerning it as Similarly Necessary as Getting Dishes. Folks in northern Xinjiang traditionally Consume tea with milk.

To brew the milk tea, you Require to Split up a tea brick and Place a handful of the tea into a kettle for boiling. 5 Mins Right after the tea Arrives to the boil, Include a bowl of milk or Many House-Produced cheese blocks and some salt into the kettle. Boil it for An Inclusional five Mins. Then the milk tea is Prepared. Ordinarily, there’s an aluminum tea kettle hanging in the Center of a herdsman’s tent More than the Invariably-burning coal stove, Creating it Feasible to have some Warm milk tea Whenever they like.

Herdsmen in northern Xinjiang customarily have milk tea at Minimum 3 Instances a Morning: in the morning, noon and evening, with 7 or eight Instances in some Instances. For entertaining Visitors, the hostess Commonly serves some roasted mutton, nang cakes (a Type of crusty pancake, the staple Foodstuff of the Uygur and Kazak minorities), Lotion, honey and apples in Includeition to a bowl of milk tea. And the hostess traditionally stands by the Visitors, plying them with milk tea. If the guest Would like no Far more, he or she just Utilizes the Suitable hand to Lightly cMore than the tea bowl with fingers Distribute apart and the hostess will End plying.

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