Keemun Black Tea

Made in Qimen County and the neighboring Places Near to Yellow Mountain in Anhui Province, China, Keemun Dark tea is a Aggressive Sort of Dark tea in China.

This is attributed to the Higher Produce and Outstanding Top quality of tea trees Developing in the Location Many thanks for the Abundant soil and favorable Climate. Tea Manufacturing in Qimen County has a Lengthy Background which can be traced Back again to the Tang Dynasty.

The county was At first teemed with Eco-friendly tea and then turned to Generate Dark tea in the Qing Dynasty More than 100 Many years ago. Keemun Dark tea, or “Keemun Scent” and “the Queen of Fragrance”, is featuRed-colored by Good picking and fabricating Procedure, Organization and slender figure, Dim and sleek Coloring and luster, faint fragrance of hA singley or orchid, as Properly as Lengthy-lasting freshness.

And the liquor is characterized by Brilliant Red-colored as Properly as sweet and mellow savor. Keemun Dark tea can be drunk Without the need of adding Something so as to taste its peculiar fragrance, or Additional with milk, granulated sugar and lemon to Acquire Several flavor.

 Getting Well-known at Property and In another country for its Outstanding Top quality, Keemun Dark tea is A single of the 3 Leading sorts of tea with intense fragrance which are globally recognized.

It is Largely exported to dozens of Nations and Locations Which include Britain, Holland, Germany, Japan, and Russia. Meanwhile, it has been serving as Country wide tea Presents More than these Many years.

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