Drinking Customs in Daily Life


Titular Feast: In old times when a baby is born, the family will ask a fortune-teller to tell his future. If disaster or adversity is predicted, the family will make the baby a titular monk or Taoist in a temple nearby, while a wealthy family will hold a grand titular ceremony for him. After meeting the Right Reverend, a feast will be prepared at home and sacrifice will be offered to the deities and ancestors, in which relatives and friends are invited to have a good drink.

Business-Opening Feast and Melon-Cutting Feast

Festive feasts prepared by stores or workshops. Whenever a store opens a business or starts operation, the boss will treat all workers for celebrations. At the time of year-end stock-based bonus distribution, a melon-cutting feast is also a must.

The One-Month-Old Birthday Feast

The One-Month-Old Birthday Feast or Hundred-Day Birthday Feast is a universal custom practiced by all ethnic groups of China. In a family where a baby is born, they will prepare several tables of feast on the baby's One-Month-Old Birthday for friends and relatives to celebrate together. Normally those joining the feast will bring some gift or a red envelope to show their regard.

Birthday Feast

It's a custom in China to congratulate an elder's birthday. Generally the 50th, 60th and 70th birthday are called "grand birthday", for which a feast will be held by the elder’s children or grandchildren and attended by many friends and relatives.

Send-off Feast

Send-off Feast is usually held for friends going afar to express the reluctance of parting. During the years of wars, before the soldiers went to the battlefield for vital and dangerous missions, the commanders would prepare a cup of send-off wine to boost their morale.

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