Deshoutang Pharmacy, Beijing

Beijing Deshoutang Pharmacy was founded in 1934. It became reputed in Beijing for its original "Kang's Cow-bezoar Antitoxic Bolus" under the registered trademark of Jihe.

Deshoutang Pharmacy is a "booth in front and factory at back" herbal medicine shop. It gains the reputation because the medicines it produces and sells are made from well-chosen materials through meticulous processes, and have reliable quality and fair prices. The Kang's cow-bezoar antitoxic bolus was developed and produced by Deshoutang Pharmacy on its own. Shortly after it was put on the market, it became a choice medicine known at home and abroad for its unique formulation and remarkable healing effects. It won a prize at the Nanyang Competition of the 1930s, and had a commendation at the Zhongnanhai Exposition of Choicest Domestic Goods.



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