Chongqing Municipal Peking Opera Troupe


The Chongqing Municipal Peking Opera Troupe was founded in May possibly 1956. Its Authentic Brand was Peking Opera Li Jia Ban. The Troupe has Place 7 hundreds of new and Aged theatrical pieces on the Phase. The repertoires are: The Thirteenth Sister, Yu Tang Chun, Chun Qiu's Relationship, Battling for the Peace, Fa Males Temple, Gan Lu Temple, Gathering of Heroes, Luo Cheng Took the Challenge at the Town Gate, Eight Sledge-hammers, Yan Dang Mountain, Mu Guiying Attacking the Tianmen Fight Development, Zhang Heng, Generals of Yang Loved 1s (in 24 Phase Sequence), The Legend of Bright Snake, Xie Yaohuan, 3 Attacks In opposition to Zhu Jia Zhuang, Havocking the Haven Upside and Comfortably, The Storm on August 1, Detection of the Affection, Recalling the Age of Eighteen, The Legend of Chun Xiang, The Bright-haired Woman in Sichun and Robbing in Yu Zhou And so on. Amongst them, some of the theatrical pieces won Numerous Country wide, provincial and municipal awards for scripting, Efficiency, actor, playwright And so on. The Quantity of winners of Several prizes More than 1 hundred.

The Troupe has visited Numerous Nations and won honor for the motherland in Exterior Social exchanges. The Troupe has Qualified and Established a Big Quantity of Executing talents of Peking Opera. Amongst them, the Earliest grade actors are: Li Huimikng, Shen Fucun, Zhu Fuxia, Sunlight Zhifang, Li Huisen; the 2nd grade actors: Wang Jinsheng, Zeng Fanqiang, Tong Zhiliang, Zhou Yingwei, Huang Jiahua, Zhang Changqing, Li Weizheng, Feng Jian, Chen Xiaoyan, Wang Yunsheng And so on.

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