Anxi Tikuanyin

Tikuanyin” is a Well-known species of tea trees, with the leaves Becoming Typical raw Product for Oolong. As a Spot of origin of Tikuanyin, Anxi Location in China is also the Primary Manufacturing Location of Tikuanyin. The leaves are Lower-Generate owning to delicate Character of this species, However are of Very Exceptional Good quality.

Anxi Tikuanyin is a Type of semifermented tea, the fabrication of which is featuRed-colored by The two fermentation of Dark tea and non-fermentation of Eco-friendly tea. The Digesting Method is Extremely exquisite, comprising More than 10 Functioning Methods. The Completed tea is featuRed-colored by sturdiness and heaviness, with Red-colored Places scattering on the Eco-friendly leaves and hoarfrosts attaching to the Surface area. It is, Soon after Becoming brewed in Warm Drinking water, characterized by in10se fragrance, golden liquor, sweet Soon aftertaste, and faint scent of orchid, peanut kernel or coconut. Tikuanyin is brewing-tolerant and can retain faint aroma Soon after Becoming brewed for 7 Occasions.

Being a Organic and tasty Consume, Tikuanyin is endowed with comparatively Large Health care Worth. Other than Getting Health care Features Comparable to Those people of Common species of tea, it Offers efficacies of antiaging, anticancer, anti-arteriosclerosis, Diabetic issues prevention and Treatment, Excess fat Burning, Entire body Making, decayed tooth prevention and Treatment, clearing heat, purging Bad fire, reliefing Cigarette smoking-induced detriment and removing or dispelling the Results of Booze, And so on.

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