Yunnan White Drug-Powder(Yunnan)

 Yunnan White Drug-Powder(Yunnan)

YUNFEN brand Yunnan Baiyao has won three consecutive national gold medals for quality, and is ranked among the most famous of Chinese traditional medicines. It has been designated one of two first-class protected traditional medicines for 20 years protective term in China.

In 1902 Mr. Qu Huanzhang , a practitioner of Chinese medicine who came from Jiangchuan County in Yunnan Province, formulated the seemingly magical medicine "Qu Huanzhang Panacea," which is now known as "Yunnan Baiyao". It is a multipurpose remedy specially used to stanch blood, invigorate blood circulation, extravagate blood elimination and remove postludes. It has been proven to have a great curative effect on internal organs and their malfunctions, such as pulmonary tuberculosis bleeding, gastric hemorrhage, intestinal bleeding, internal cranium bleeding, gynaecological blood disease and purpura.

Botanists have researched the chemical composition of Yunnan baiyao and discovered that it contains progesterone, various saponins and alkaloids, and physiologically active compounds such as calcium phosphate. Numerous pharmaco dynamic studies indicate that Yunnan Baiyao is effective in platelet cohesion , main arterial contraction , cortex hormonal secretion, release of the inflammation process, capillary meability, leukcocyte waver and connective tissue proliferation.

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