The five mimic-animal games

It is a classical physical exercise which imitates the motions of the five animals of tigers, deer, bears, monkeys and birds. The exercise has been the method for Chinese people to build up health and to prolong life since the ancient times.

The game of mimic-tiger It imitates the tiger's image, adopts the tiger's air and its perfect utilization of its paws as well as its motions of shaking the head and wagging the tail, bulging and vibrating the whole body. The game requires concentration of the mind on Mingmen (GV4). It has the functions of strengthening the kidney and waist, enhancing the bone and promoting the production of marrow. The exercise may remove obstruction of governor vessel and eliminate pathogenic wind.

The game of mimic-deer It imitates the deer's image. adopts the animal's longevity and intelligence as well as its perfect use of the coccyx. The games requires concentration of the mind on the coccyx. It can remove obstruction of meridians and collaterals, promote blood circulation, limber up muscles and joints.

The game of mimic-bear It imitates the bear's image of being clumsy in bodily movement and great in physical strength, static ill exterior and dynamic in interior. The game requires concentration of the mind on Zhong-gong (within the navel), and puts emphasis on being dynamic in the interior and static in exterior.

The game of mimic-monkey It imitates the monkey's image of being alert, dexterous and quick in action, and liable to movement. The game requires concentration of the mind on the navel to seek for physical movement and mental peace.

The game of mimic-bird It is also called the game of mimic-crane which imitates the crane' s image of being lithe in flying and unfolding in action. Practicing this games requires concentration of the mind on Qihai (CV6). It can regulate and promote qi flow and blood circulation, dredge meridians and collaterals, limber up the tendons, bones and joints.

The five mimic-animal games not only include bodily movements, but also requires elimination of all stray thoughts, concentration of the mind on Dantian as well as the cooperation of respiration. The games can regulate yin and yang, promote qi flow and blood circulation, strengthen the body resistance to eliminate pathogenic factors.

Therefore, it has better actions of nourishing the mind, regulating qi flow and blood circulation, strengthening viscera, dredging meridians and collaterals, limbering up muscles and joints, and facilitating flexible movement of joints. Clinically, the game is commonly applicable to patients with hemiplegia, paraplegia, arthralgia syndrome, flaccidity syndrome, osteoporosis, Parkinson's syndrome, etc. at the stage of recovery.

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