Mulam Medicine and Iatrology


Mulam Iatrology

The Mulam nationality is an old ethnic minority living southwest and southChina. They live inGuizhouProvince, mostly living inDaozhenCounty. During the long period of fighting against diseases, the Mulam people have learned and mastered some unique therapies such as scraping, pricking, tile-needle, cupping and cutting therapy.

Mulam Medicine

Located in the joint area of northGuizhouplateau andSichuanbasin,DaozhenCountyis influenced by subtropical monsoon climate. Not very hot in summer and not cold in winter, with warm climate and plentiful rain, it is a suitable place for the growth of plants and animals. It is rich in medicine resources.

Special Therapies

Scrapping: Prepare a bowl of water or tung oil and a copper coin. Pat the patient's chest and back lightly with a little water, and then scrap the chest and back with the copper coin till the skin turns purplish red. It is used for treating heat stroke, bellyache, abdominal distension, headache, adiaphoresis and pain in the body.

Cupping: Prepare a smooth and flat bamboo jar (or pottery jar or glass jar). Put a burning alcohol cotton ball or a small piece of burning paper in the jar and cover quickly on the patient's affected part while the ball or the piece of paper is still burning. The jar will stick to the skin. It is suitable for arthritis caused by dampness and cold.

In addition, there are other therapies such as application of medicine on acupuncture points and treatment of cutting.

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