Misunderstandings about blood donation


1. It results in weight gain. Some people gain weight after donating but that's not directly from donating but from eating too much afterward, getting too much "reinforcement."

2. Blood donation undermines men's fertility. Fertility is related to the reproductive system - not the blood.

3. People become addicted to donating blood. Physiological addiction to blood donation is nonsense, but the sense of honor at helping others after donation may induce the donor to do it again and again.

4. Donating blood on an empty stomach can help lose weight. Blood donation if you're hungry can lead to faintness, not weight loss. Eat a good basic meal before donation.

5. People get infections through blood donation. All the needles and blood bags are sterile and disposable.

6. Blood donation causes problematic drops or increases in blood pressure. A few donors' blood pressure may rise because of stress or excitement; some may drop. Relax and stay calm and blood pressure will soon return to normal.

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