Miao Medicine


Miao Medicine

The Miao people lived mountain areas that produce a large variety of medicines with very good quality and large quantity. At present, there are more than 1,500 kinds of common medicines, of which about 200 kinds are commonly used, and many precious and rare medicines.

In recent years, many herbal medicine plantation and production bases have been set up to explore and develop popular herbal medicines in the living areas of the Miao people. Some medicines have become raw materials for patented medicine, healthcare food and cosmetics. Some have been used in hospital prescriptions. Parts of valued medicines have been collected into Local Standards for Ethnic Minority Medicines

Unique Miao Therapies

1. Rolling Egg Treatments

There are two sorts: rolling fresh egg and cooked egg.

Rolling fresh egg: Wash a fresh egg and make it dry. Rolling it deasil or back and forth on the patient's forehead, chest, back, belly or palm or arch till the egg turns warm. It is for curing pyrexia.

Rolling cooked egg: Boil an egg together with bullion or medicine for cold. After the egg is cooked, roll the hot egg on the patient's forehead, frontal eminence, back, chest or belly till warmth and efficacy of the medicine enter the body through skin to cure cold diseases.

2. Medicine for External Application:

According to the patient's condition, appropriate medicine and preparations are applied to the affected parts of the patient.

In addition, there are steaming treatment, sport treatment, hot compress therapy, and acupuncture therapy.

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