Fresh Date King - Chinese Winter Date(Shandong)

  Fresh Date King - Chinese Winter Date(Shandong)

Chinese winter date, namely Fresh Date King, is a kind of rare fresh date. With an average weight of 25 grams, the fruit of Chinese winter date takes a round shape and is very like a small apple.

It has a red and sheeny surface and tastes delicious, crisp, succulent and sweet. Rich in nutrition, winter dates is a kind of fruit of high quality. Analysis by Academy of Medical Sciences of China shows that it is rich in protein and fat and contains 19 aminoacids and many kinds of mineral substances and vitamins, especially Vitamin C.

The content of Vitamin C in 100 grams of winter date is over 380 milligrams which is as much as 80 times of that of apple, 16 times of that of orange, 100 times that of pear, 8 times of that of Chinese gooseberry and so it is famously called living vitamin pill.

Modern medicine proves that Vitamin C is apt to combine with nitrosamine, a kind of carcinogen, to prevent cancer. It is also found that winter dates contains high content of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (CAMP).

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