Pineapple was originally planted in Brazil and was introduced into China in the 16th century. With over 70 species, pineapple is one of Lingnan's four famous fruits.

Pineapple bears fruits three times each year. Those bearing fruits in June and August are of the best quality. The most tasteful pineapple should be fresh, good-shaped, 80% ripe and with solid skin.

Three common species include Shenwan, Bali and Shalaoyue. The Tangxin pineapple cultivated by Guangzhou's farmer is the best of all.Tangxin pineapple belongs to Shalaoyue species, also named as Hawaii, weighing 2-3 kilograms each, with big and shallow fruit eyes.

Its fruit is edible with its skin peeled off. Featuring soft flesh and full juice, mild sweetness and sour, Tangxin pineapple is an excellent species which can either be tasted freshly or made into tinned fruits.

The Huangdeng pineapple,planted at Huangdeng Village of Guangzhou's Huangpu District, is among the best featuring thick flesh, much juice, sweetness and fragrance, etc.