With nicknames of Pan Papaya and longevity fruit, papaya is one of Lingnan's four famous fruits being usually called as "the king of Lingnan's fruits".

Papaya was originally planted in Mexico, and was introduced to China in the 17th century. It has now been planted in every corner of Guangdong Province, mainly around Guangzhou's outskirts. Good papaya species in Guangzhou include Lingnanzhong, Shuizhong and Thailand's Ted Flesh, among which the Liangnanzhong is of the best quality.

Lingnanzhong's papayas are full and ellipse-shaped, featuring thick flesh, few seeds and a flavor of osmanthus fragrance. Papaya fruits are big, weighing six to seven kilograms.

Its fruits can be tasted freshly with delicate flavors and rich nutrition. Cooked with crystal sugar, papaya is also effective in some throat-related diseases. Unripe papaya can be boiled in as a kind of vegetable or salted to make 'salty and sour papaya'.