Xue Shaopeng (薛绍彭)

Xue Shaopeng (薛绍彭) was a calligrapher and scholar-official of the Song Dynasty. His courtesy name was Daozu (道祖) and pseudonym Cuiwei Jushi (翠微居士).

Xue excels in all of the regular, semi-cursive and cursive scripts. He enjoyed similar fame in calligraphy as his good friend, Mi Fu (米芾) . The two often discussed calligraphy and authenticated ancient artworks together. Mi Fu once said, “People talk about Mi-Xue or Xue-Mi; it’s as if saying ‘elder and young brothers’ or ‘younger and elder brothers’ (世言米薛或薛米,猶如兄弟或弟兄).”