Tang Minghuang is Also a Musician

Tang Minghuang (618-907 BC), also known as Emperor Xuanzong, was the seventh emperor in the Tang dynasty. He lived in the most prosperous period in the Tang dynasty and was a great ruler.Tang Minghuang was famous for his love affair with Yang Guifei, his imperial concubine in history. But people seldom learn that he had also a very good ear for music.

Tang Minghuang is playing flute

Tang Minghuang set up Liyuan (Pear Garden) in the palace to train good performers. He often presented at Liyuan's performances, and corrected their mistakes. Some people say that he was the same as a conductor nowadays.Tang Minghuang liked dances very much and he composed Nishang Yuyi Wu(The Dance in Leathery Clothes) based on Poluomen Qu. Tang Minghuang was good at playing many instruments including Pipa(lute), Erhu(a two-stringed instrument), Dizi(bamboo flute). He contributed a lot to the art development during that period.