Sword of Zhezhi Yuyi, the Warring States Period


This is the sword owned by Zhezhi Yuyi, son of Goujian. The sword still keeps intact, shining and sharp, without any rust or erosion after more than 2400 years. Besides, it retains a complete silk cord, the only sword with the silk cord among all the unearthed of the King Yue.

According to the examination, the silk cord was produced in the Yue State, which presents a great academic value to the study of ancient silk development of Zhejiang. Thanks to the superb lacquer coating technique of the ancient Yue State, the sheath of the sword is still as bright as ever. The sword was formerly stranded in Hong Kong, and in 1996, Hangzhou Steel & Iron Group bought it with 1 million $HK and donated it to Zhejiang Provincial Museum.