Song Zuying - The Best-known Folk Singer in Modern China

Song Zuying ( 宋祖英; born August 13, 1966) is an ethnic Miao Chinese singer.

Song Zuying is one of the best young singers in modern China. She sings traditional Chinese folk music, but adds a carefully applied American voice to create a unique and expressive style.

Song Zuying's songs are widely appreciated both at home and abroad and among her most famous works are Little Back Bamboo-Basket, Soldiers all over China, Soldier Brother, and I became what you were when I grew up. Song Zuying also played the main female roles of "Sister Shan Mei" in Red Coral and Zi Jun in "Elapse" to great public and professional acclaim.

Song Zuying has released a number of albums and has performed in many televised concerts. She was invited to visit Europe, Australia, America, Canada, and Southeast Asia for artistic communication. Now she is a representative of the ninth National People's Congress, member of National Youth Federation, and associate of the Chinese Musician Association.


Biography of Song Zuying

Song Zuying was born in Guzhang county, part of a Miao autonomous prefecture in Hunan and studied at the Central Institute for Nationalities in Beijing.