Silver Ash - China's first visual kei band

Silver Ash (银色灰尘 Yínsè huīchén) is China's first visual kei band. They formed in the year 2000 and are located in Beijing. Their music is a mix of glam rock and goth rock. The original line-up included Ling (vocals), Lucy (guitar), Nancy (guitar), Hong (bass), and Zhen (drums). Despite some members using feminine names, all members, past and present, are male.

Silver Ash was produced by the Gorgeous Devil Studio and Scream Records from 2000-2005. Guitarist Nancy left the band before they signed onto Scream Records. In 2005, they chose to leave Scream Records and were without a record label (and still are). Due to personal reasons, some of the Silver Ash members were forced to leave the band.

Guitarist Lucy was replaced by Yue. After much deliberation, Hong had to leave the band and was replaced by new bassist Yu. The latest addition to the band is Bai Niao (White Bird), on keyboard. Previously, Bai Niao was the vocalist and keyboardist of another Chinese visual kei band called Frozen Blood (冻结的血液).