Renowned economist’s life work published

Yuan Xianneng, the late economist who was among the first to introduce Western economic studies to China, has just had his last wish fulfilled.

A compilation of the economist’s work has come into the collection Yuan Xianneng’s Writings, published by China Commerce and Trade Press.

Yuan, who died in 1983 at the age of 85, is widely regarded as one of the most important economists in Chinese history as he pioneered research in international trade theories and the history of economics.

Yuan taught at the University of International Business and Economics. The two-volume compilation of more than 1 million Chinese characters includes his doctor thesis "The Influence of Taoisms and Related Philosophies on Chinese Economic Thought", studies on the Chinese economy and a thorough introduction of Western economics from Plato to Keynes.

"It’s not just a collection of valuable works," said Zhao Zhongxiu, vice-president of UIBE, at the book launch on Thursday.

"It’s also a reminder of the honorable spirits of their generation."