Guangdong Song and Dance Theater

Guangdong Song and Dance Theater is a professional state-run performing group affiliated with the Cultural Bureau of South China's Guangdong Province. The theater was first established as the South China Arts Ensemble in 1949. The troupe has successively changed its name into the South China Song and Dance Ensemble, Guangdong Song and Dance Troupe, Guangdong Music and Dance Arts Theater and Guangdong Song and Dance Theater after 1953.

The theater boasts a vocal team, dancing team, and a folk music orchestra that is the most influential in South China. The members are generally composed of topnotch graduates of professional art academies and schools; many of them have obtained awards at various national and provincial competitions.

In the past half century, the troupe has created many dance dramas as well as a batch of dances and musical pieces of high artistic value. Under the fervent care and support of the local government, the theater has produced some repertoire works such as the representative work Love Through Wind and Rain, which won the nation's leading Wenhua Award at the Seventh China Arts Festival in September 2004.

The theater also undertakes various important performance tasks, being responsible for the design and production of large-scale evening performances. In addition, the theater has also performed many times in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as well as a number of foreign countries.

The theater has continued to inherit, explore and develop traditional music and dance on the south of Five Ridges, promoting the local folk arts. With its consummate skills and a rich set of programs, the theater will continue to contribute to the cultural prosperity of Guangdong Province.

Guangdong Traditional Music Ensemble 

Add.: 5/F, B, No. 32-34, Shuiyin Si Hang Lu, Guangzhou  广州市水荫四横路32-34号大院演音大楼B座5楼
Tel: 86-20-8704 7687 (with Fax), 8704 8157 (Rehesal place)
ZIP: 510075

Fu Na (付娜), Guzheng player

Cao Yurong (曹玉荣), Erhu player

Miu Xiaozheng (缪晓铮), Pipa player