Floral Basket Plate (carved lacquer)

 Floral Basket Plate (carved lacquer)

Diameter: 38cm
by Du Bingchen

This piece of carved lacquer floral basket plate adopted deep-relief engraving & hollow-out technique. It is careful to be carved many lifelike flowers in the plate. It implies that the garden is full of the beauty of spring.

Du Bingchen entered the Jinxinzhai Studio at 13 to study lacquer-ware techniques with the famous craftsman Zhang Bingzhi. He was quite young when he first started producing high-quality works.

After the founding of New China. he broadened his artistic vision by combining the strengths of other famous artists. He absorbed the essentials of Ming and Qing dynasty traditional arts and crafts, along with other artistic forms. He explored new techniques and put them into practice, and finally refined hollowed-out rechniques to a higher level, making great contributions to the development of the carving of lqcquer-ware.

Most of Du's carved lacquer-ware bears themes of birds and flowers. Many are rare pieces renowned throughout the country and afar. His works reflect his ingenious and novel compostion, beautiful form, delicate carving and unique style, as well as his sound artistic skills.

His "Plate with a Hollowed-Out Flower Basket" won a Gold medal at the 1984 Leipzig International Expo.