Dragon-patterned Celadon Ying of the Yue Kiln, the Five Dynasties Period


It was unearthed from the Tomb of Qian Yuanhua, King of Wuyue Kingdom in Yuhuang Mountain (Mountain of Jade Emperor), Hangzhou. The ware is the outstanding representation of olive-green fine celadon, with relief patterns of two dragons pursuing a pearl carved onto the shoulders and the belly. The dragons have three claws, gold gilded scales on the body and patterns of cloud and air below the belly.

During the Five Dynasties Period, the Wuyue Kingdom set up “imperial kilns” to bake celadon in Shanglinhu, Cixi and Yaoqianshi, Shangyu, and the products made there have the magic color of “being similar to ice and jade”, so the celadon is called mise (magic color) celadon. In addition, the expensive celadon wares are only used by the imperial Wuyue Kingdom.