A Money Tree of Eastern Han Dynasty from Sichuan Museum


This source is composed of a base, the crown of Qian Shu, etc.. The base for the red clay, the body has an embossed green day, ward off evil spirits and geometric patterns, style simple, stable, a fellow legacy. Tree with bronze casting, the canopy can be divided into six layers, the top decoration Phoenix for the top of the tree. Brass as tree trunks, inserted in the Tao seat. Five groups and transplanting in the trunk of the sleeve, each layer of leaves of two two relative, stretched out, the rustle of leaves," fruit" and the Han Dynasty, studded with five baht money and nearly a hundred characters, patterns of animals. It is a legend in the people and things, there is the queen mother of the west, with music, but also have cattle and sheep, Phoenix, and mortal farming, juggling patterns of life. The top of the tree has a rosefinch, mouth contains a pill.

Shake Qian Shu commonly known as longevity tree, Taoist called God, it is in the Eastern Han Dynasty Tombs often have unearthed, is said to reflect the "only money is raised " concept, people think that the coins are hanging on the trees, just shake Qian Shu, will be rolling in money, but also hope it can be like the fruit that can continuously" blossom fruit", a desire to express the people's desire for wealth. And the Taoists thought it is the paradise tree, shorten the distance with the sky