A Blue and White Incense Burner from Sichuan Museum

The Ming Dynasty blue and white, character of incense burner, furnace barrel wide mouth, mouth painted blue and white lines along the lower abdomen, painting, figure painting, style simple and rough, blue and white color blue and green glaze ash pan, water moisture, is a Ming Dynasty Zhengde period of products, from Jingdezhen kiln, is the representative of the typical process. 11.3 cm high, 18.2 cm diameter, abdominal circumference of 13.7 cm, the master in the incense before the pious worship, two.

Thereafter, another is to follow, the characters look each one. Shochiku and characters together, moving a static, stereo sense is very strong, the whole picture so vivid and natural, fresh and refined, showing a passion, and humanities. Either the Shochiku, or characters, all composition, uses the line drawing, these lines are powerful, people marvel. Furnace tube application is white glazed, glaze color is fat. The three beast head foot very full. This furnace tire repair exquisite smooth, interface is completely covered with glaze, let a person fondle admiringly, lead a person to endless aftertastes. This incense burner on 1969 in Chengdu East victory Rural Ming tomb unearthed, should be the family sacrificial ritual, a Ming Dynasty beauty. Now the Sichuan Provincial museum.