Beijing's 10 strangest museums

Beijing has 170 museums, second only to London in its number of museums in the world. Various museums of the capital provide a window to not only the country's profound history, culture and civilization, but also some of the little known but very interesting facts.
You will be amazed to discover the world's only Eunuch Museum at a humble location on the west end of subway Line 1, and find out there are more such unique museums, featuring watermelon, tap water, bee and even socks.
The Eunuch Culture Museum
Beijing's 10 strangest museums
Statues in the Eunuch Culture Museum show how a castration operation was done in the past. [Photo by Brian Salter/chinadaily.com.cn]
When China's last eunuch, Sun Yaoting, passed away in 1996 at the age of 93, a unique group of people from China's feudal dynasties finally disappeared. The Eunuch Culture Museum is the world's only eunuch museum and its primary function is to keep records of the lives of eunuchs.

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