Max Ma: More than Perfect, Beyond Beauty


Max Ma(麻文海), the indigenous Chinese artist who has already been a successful photographer, remains a major concern during this exhibition "New Perfectionism Campaign 2010". As a leading figure of new perfectionism, his oil paintings is famous for being nature, genuine and simple, without any affectation and pretension. His pure and nature spirit of art illustrates something more than perfect, and make the audience enjoy the charm of beauty.



This cluster of lilies seems like jumping from the deep ocean. These flowers are the symbol of love and hope coming from inside of one’s heart.

Reminiscence•Liu He

This fictitious land is created by the artist’s father. The glimmering river in the picture is Liu He. This place, being remote from the noise of cities, is an ideal place to relax both for the...


Suzhou is the artist’s birth place, his grandmother’s home, and also the native place in his heart full of childhood memories. He used to spend every New Year in this city. He has touched every...

Cape Jasmin•Illuminating

The flowers bloom, and the light appears.


Red and blue cluster of flowers, always crowd together timidly.


Nature sunflower, artistic Vincent, noble spirit.