1 Day, Hong Kong Island Tour

In the morning you will have a half-day Hong Kong Island Tour. Peak tram ride to mid-level of Central District then to the Victoria Peak, visit the Repulse Bay, Aberdeen, Stanley Market. Then transfer to Pier for taking Star Ferry to Kowloon side, walk along the waterfront promenade back to Hotel.
Descriptions: Victoria Peak - The Victoria Peak is one of the famous tourist attractions in Hong Kong. It is said that the Victoria Peak used to have many names given by the local people. Later, the British people gave it an English name Victoria, making it the namesake of the British Queen. This name lasted till today. With an altitude of 554 meters (1818 feet), it is the highest peak of Hong Kong Island. It is considered as the best place to overlook Hong Kong, since you are able to see the Kowloon and the New Territory by standing on the top. Repulse Bay - Lying in the south of the island, the Repulse Bay is the most representative beautiful bay of Hong Kong. The sight of the bay is peaceful, with broad beach, moderate slope and warm seawater. The busiest season of the Repulse Bay is in summer, when swarms of visitors come to enjoy the sunshine and have fun here. In the shade of trees to the east end of beach, visitors can have a barbecue. Besides the barbecue area is the Zhenhailou Park, in front of which stand two huge statues, the Queen of heaven and the Goddess of Mercy. Stanley Market - It is hard to imagine that Stanley was once a sparsely populated village, where the tiger often appeared. Now it has already become the residential area of foreigners and Hong Kong merchants. The market is rather prosperous especially at the weekend. Visitors from home and abroad like to shop here. Mainly, they can buy clothes, antiques and all kinds of souvenirs. Still, there are many bars and restaurants, in which you can drink while watching scenery. In addition, it is the best place for going surf, since it takes about 24 minutes from the village to the seaside.


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