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Crowne Plaza Lijiang Ancient Town
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Address:No.276 Xianghe Road, Ancient Town
Managed by Inter-Continental Corporation, it was opened in 2009. It synthesizes the modern fashion and the architectural element of Nashi ethnic, ...
Lijiang Wangfu Hotel
Address:No. 9, Yigu Xiang, Nanmen Street, Ancient Town
Opened in 2005, it is located in the World Cultural Heritage, Mu Wangfu Site in the Lijiang old city (the southern door district next to the Sanyan ...
Lijiang Sanhe Courtyard
Address:No. 4, Jishan Lane, Xinyi Avenue, Ancient City
Opened in 1995 and renovated completely in 2004, it is designed according to Naxi courtyard style and owns the characteristics of Ethnic customs. Its ...
Lijiang International Hotel
Address:Qixing Tourism Commercial Street
Opened in 2007 and invested by Lijiang seven stars construction group, it gathered Chinese traditional culture and national cultural feature of Naxi. ...
Banyan Tree Lijiang
Address:Yuerong Road, Shuhe Ancient Town, Yulong Naxi Autonomous County
It is situated on the foot of Yulong Mountain, in the northwest of Yunnan Province. It is a modern accommodation of five stars opened in 2007. The hotel ...
Adange Hotel, Lijiang
Address:Xianggeli Avenue, Ancient City
Opened in 1999, it was built by the Lijiang Regional Tabacco Company was located in the northwestern part of Yunnan province, the Yulong Mountain, next ...
He Xi Courtyard, Lijiang
Address:South Gate Square
Opened in 2005, it is a registering Four Star accommodation with the service for accommodation, catering, business, conference and tourism. It is located ...
Lijiang Yinxianggucheng Wenyuan Hotel
Address:No. 43 Xinyuan Lane, Guangyi Street, Dayan Town
It was opened in 2011, which is a foreign four star accommodation with full cultural atmosphere and distinct folk feature. This hotel has modern ...
Lijiang Hua Ma Hotel
Address:No.15 & 17 Hua Ma Street
Standing in the middle of the Lijiang Huma tourist culture street, opened in 2005, it is near to the beautiful HeiLongtan Park, the folk street and the ...
Dexin Hotel, Lijiang
Address:No. 56, Bao Wu Lane, Nanmen Square, Ancient City
Opened for business in 2006, it is built as the standard of four-star and complete in facilities, which is a commercial accommodation showing the Naxi ...
Grand Lijiang Hotel
Address:Xinyi Street, Dayan Town
It was founded in1996, and re-decorated in 2003. It is a joint venture of Thailand M.Grand Hotel and China Lijiang and managed by Thailand. It is located ...
Nanmen Hotel, Lijiang
Address:No. 1, Guyou Lane, Nanmen Street
Started its business in 2004 and installed in 2006, it was built as the standard of three-star. It was located at the "World Culture Heritage"--the ...
Chateau L'Act Hotel, Lijiang
Address:No. 198 Guyou Lane, Gucheng South Gate
A five-star accommodation with functions of vacation, leisure, business, travel and entertainment, it is located in GuYou lane of the world cultural ...

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