Braised Pomfret

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Chinese name: 红烧鲳鱼 (hóng shāo chāng yú)

Characteristics: Braised Pomfret is salty and fresh, with an attractive golden color.

Being a home-style dish, Braised Pomfret is simple to cook. Pomfret is a welcomed fish among the people, for it has more meat and few bones. It is rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acids and multi-microelements. Thus, it is really a good food helping to replenish qi (essential energy), nourish the blood and calm the nerves.
Braised Pomfret


1 pomfret, around 400 g (a cleaned one whose scales and entrails have been removed.)
green onion sections
ginger slices
dry chili peppers
five spices powder
soy sauce
white sugar
cooking wine

Note: the amount of the ingredients especially the seasonings listed above can be appropriately used according to one's personal taste.
Ingredients of Braised Pomfret


  Step 1: Place a wok over high heat until hot. Add some cooking oil, and add in the cleaned pomfret. Turn to medium heat, and fry it for about 1 minute on both sides. Remove the pomfret from the wok.

Fry Pomfret

  Step 2: Add in salt, five spices powder, soy sauce, cooking wine, white sugar, vinegar and 1/3 bowl of water, and heat over high heat until the juice is boiling. Add in the fried pomfret.

Color the Pomfret

  Step 3: Add in ginger slices, green onion sections and dry chili peppers. Stew it for a further 6-8 minutes over medium heat.

Season the Pomfret

Turn off the heat. Remove the pomfret from the wok and serve on a plate. Pour the juice in the wok on to the plate. Braised Pomfret is ready to be enjoyed.

Braised Pomfret Completed